PC Overhaul

Services Here are some of the more common services that I offer. If you need a service performed and don't see it listed, please feel free to contact me.  Malware, spyware & virus removal, as well as general software troubleshooting services can often be performed remotely, saving you time and money.     


  • Malware, Spyware & Virus Removal

      I will clean your system of any infections. In  some cases this can be done remotely over  the internet. This service also includes the  installation of free or open source antivirus and  anti-spyware software if you need it. 

  • Repairs

    If your computer is giving you troubles then I can help. Whether it is not starting up or something isn't functioning properly, I can fix it.

  • System Cleaning

    If you've noticed that your computer seems to run slower since you first got it, then it's time for a system clean. Over time your computer becomes cluttered with unnecessary programs, temporary files, and disorganized system files which can really slow down Windows. A system cleanup also helps stop random pop-ups, system crashes, program crashes, and error messages. 

  • Installations

    This includes physical installation of device such as a CD or DVD drive, additional hard drive, memory upgrades and the installation of any software or drivers included. I include a brief tutorial to explain things free of charge.

  • Hard Drive Transfer

    With a hard drive transfer, all of your important documents, emails, contacts, music (Itunes) and settings from an old computer will be moved to a new drive. The old drive can then be disposed of or saved for a backup.

  • Format & Windows Install

    Give your computer a fresh start with a complete erase of everything on the hard drive and an installation of a Windows operating system. In some cases this is the best solution for serious virus and spyware infections. Includes a free backup of all your important files to DVD.