Virtual Communication Services

A virtual phone number enables you to have a telephone presence anywhere in the country without the expense or logistical nightmare associated with having to have a physical presence there. As a business owner, this allows you to have a local number in a market you wish to gain customers, without having an actual location there. For personal use, this allows you have a local or toll free number for your friends and relatives to call in order to easily get a hold of you.

Virtual Phone Number for Business Use

Virtual phone numbers are available in many area codes, allowing you to have a phone presence in many different parts of the country. You will never miss another important phone call when you route your virtual number to follow you regardless of where you are by forwarding to your home, office or cell phone numbers. Your customers will never get another busy signal because with the integrated voicemail service, they can always leave a message.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Personal Use

Virtual numbers come in handy for personal use. For example, you live across the country from your parents, but you don’t want them to have large long-distance phone bills. By using a virtual telephone number with their area code, they can make a local call to get a hold of you without having to spend any money. You can also choose to get a toll free number which allows anybody to call you without having to spend money on long distance charges.

Virtual Numbers with Advanced Telecommunications Features

When it comes to getting a virtual phone number, nobody offers a better service than RingCentral. Their virtual phone system is incredibly feature-rich, giving you advanced telecommunication technology including call forwarding services, call answering rules, call screening, complete Internet faxing, and much more.