Furniture Direct

Job Description

Furniture Direct is an upcoming furniture wholesaler located in the heart of palm beach county. When they first brought me on as a consultant it was for strictly web design only, but its been nothing but successful and I have went from one project to the next. The very first website i launched for them was with espressa e-commerce platform powered by Drupal. It's a really nice theme built on a really solid content management system. But this has grown much more into just that since then I have designed another which is the current home site now and I have moved espressa over to their sister brand Say No To Retail Now . With this particular case study. I will show you images of the new site i have implemented, the new brand character i developed along with video for the companies 30-second commercial and 30 minute infomercial that i also wrote the screenplay for while working with Jeff B over at American Media Professionals. Also i will show you some images of the local search campaign that i implemented, which took them from not listing on Google organically, to being on the home page for the top 5 five keywords selected based on my keyword analysis for the home furnishings industry. 

Company Needs

  1. brand character

What I implemented within the 6 months

  1. brand development/management
  2. new website design
  3. ​new software implementation
  4. social media campaign 
  5. organic listing camaign
Furniture Direct
Web Design
Graphic Design