Wireless Technology

 Wireless Networks have increasingly become a part of our everyday lives. They can maintain simple functions such as sharing internet, music and files, or they can be used for more advanced tasks like alarm systems, blackberry's or satellite communication. Either way, humans are finding more and more uses every day for these unseen radio waves. We use cisco routers and wireless technology to keep your network health and secure. Our professionals are trained with open source instruction detection software to make sure your network is iron clad. Here at Xtream Solution we use the finest radio spectrum analyzer equipment and open source air sniffing platforms to detect intruders and locate dead zones.

Either way no matter what you use, one thing that we all agree is that humans are becoming more dependent on our wireless networks, from clicking the print button and having a document created across your business or home in seconds. To viewing the latest stock quotes, live scores and programming with you wireless network card or hand held device. These networks are the driving factor for mass communication today. Let Xtream Solutions configure the right network for your needs. No network is too small or too big. Every network is a target by hackers.  

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